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Unfathomable beauty.

Artists can’t paint a picture as beautiful as you. 

Photographers don’t dare to take a picture of you. 
For capturing your beauty is as impossible as 
teaching a lion to be a vegetarian. 
teaching a man to ask for directions. 
teaching a woman to be level-headed in a stressful situation. 
teaching a child that mocking what someone else is saying isn’t funny nor fun. 
There aren’t enough pixels to capture your beauty. 
There aren’t enough colors used by man’s hand to paint what I see. 
You’re all too real. 
You’re all too fleeting. 
You’re all too beautiful to keep
in some painting. 
in some picture.
in some song. 
or some ill-written poem. 
But I’ll try. 
try to remember you. 
try to keep you. 
although impossible, 
I have to try. 
I have to experience you as long as I possibly can. 
because not getting to experience you really only means one thing. 
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good has a presence
it can be felt
it can touch you
move you
to tears
and disarm you
without even the use of one single word

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I’m not okay
But I’m alive
And I’m trying
To stay
That way
For now.

M.S. (via coffee-crinkled-pages)
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  • michaellottnerHey :) would you care to check out my poems? Have a great day
  • Sure! I love some of your pieces. 

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